Review: The Deadly Reckonings by Rebecca and Victoria Heap


When their animal spirit awakens, the tribesmen of Feralis must master their creature to arise anew with the power to transform. The tribeswomen can only hope to be lucky enough to be claimed as a lifemate – or face a life reduced to becoming property.

The old Alpha’s time is coming to an end, and the Deadly Reckonings are swiftly approaching. The victor of these brutal trials will become the new Alpha and rule over the four allied tribes.

Devlin, a young man with the animal aspect of a lion, dreams of shaping a better world and taking control from the power-hungry clutches of the cruel and dominating Reptilia. Becoming Alpha is the only way Devlin can protect his family, reclaim the woman he loves, and restore freedom to all the tribes of Feralis.

Follow Devlin as he faces the Deadly Reckonings, testing his nature and limits against other competitors, merciless monsters, perilous terrain, and his own desperate hopes.

Can a mortal enemy, a misfit sister, and even fate itself stand in his way?

Favorite Lines:

I didn’t keep track!

My Opinion:

I received a copy of this book from the authors in exchange for my honest opinion.

It has been awhile since I have had the time to sit down to read and review books, so I apologize in advance for my rustiness. This story follows Devlin and his family as they navigate a unique world of shapeshifters battling for the place of alpha to rule over all other shifters.

While I thought this was a refreshing and unique story, I did think that the writing was a bit choppy and could have flowed more smoothly. Other than that, it was a creative world unlike any other that I have read full of action, adventure, romance, and the paranormal. Not to mention there is a plot twist at the end (well at least I thought so) and who doesn’t like those?


Overall, if you like fiction, fantasy, action, romance, and the paranormal then this book could be for you. Happy reading, everyone!


The Deadly Reckonings


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