About Me

Hi there,

I’m Alex, a 22 year old lawyer in training who currently attends law school in an undisclosed location. I’m a book loving, music listening, food chasing woman who has been known to read a whole book in a single day. When I graduated from college with my undergrad degree, I found that I had a lot of free time before going to law school in which I wanted to explore creating a blog to talk about one of my true passions: books. Now that I am in law school, I hardly have a life outside of reading cases and briefs. That being said, I still make time to read what I love rather than read what I am assigned and will continue to do so in the future.

I fell in love with books when I was in fourth grade, granted back then they were called “chapter books”. The older I got the more I realized that reading as much as I did was not in the norm of society and most of my friends would laugh at me for reading on the bus rides home or during free time in class. Sadly for them, they didn’t get to experience the wonder of diving into a new book to become a part of a new adventure. Reading about different characters where we can see our reflections in them, about worlds and experiences that we can’t partake in physically but that can unfold endlessly in our imaginations is where all the magic is at.

Outside of school, I spend a majority of my current time catching up on sleep or catching up on book series and preparing for what the next few years of my life will bring. When I’m not studying, you can usually find me napping or looking for food. I also enjoy painting, playing piano, bowling, playing World of Warcraft and Overwatch, watching TV (I have developed a recent fascination with K-Dramas) and hanging out with friends.

With Likely Story, I hope to not only share my love for books but also inspire others to venture into the literary world and live thousands of lives among the characters they will find there. Hopefully this blog will provide readers insights to new books they might enjoy reading but also help them relate to someone out there in the universe.

I chose to review books without some sort of numerical scale system. Instead, I review them based off of my overall opinion of them without assigning them a rating of any kind. I felt that some books get rated unfairly based on personal preferences and this tends to steer readers away from them when they are actually really good books. Haven’t you ever heard don’t judge a book by its cover? My hope is that readers can read the synopsis, some of my favorite lines, my overall opinion, and a short summary and decide for themselves if a book sounds like something they would be interested in reading; rather than writing a book off because it doesn’t have 5 stars. My hope is that people will feel like a book is being suggested to them by a friend, not a stranger trying to push books onto people.

If you would like for me to read and review your work please contact me via the contact tab and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as I can!

Happy reading!