Review: Hidden Realm by T.R. Slauf


“The next Realm Walker will bring with them a storm. Lightning must fight the Crimson Shadow, or the lands will be cast into eternal darkness.” When she was a child, Esther was plagued with vivid nightmares. Now they have returned to haunt her. Bloodthirsty monsters chase her through a forest of dead trees while a mysterious hooded figure stalks her. After waking with fresh wounds from her dreams, Esther searches for the truth about who she is and the Hidden Realm she is destined to save. Join Esther on her journey of self-discovery as she travels into a world long forgotten. Unsure if she can trust her hooded guide, she is hunted by unknown enemies and smothered by expectations of grandeur. Deciphering friend from foe she travels the lands, trying to unite kingdoms torn by pride.

Favorite Lines:

“Literature gave Esther a high standard for men…”

My Opinion:

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

The story follows Esther as she finds herself in another world that she thought only existed in her dreams. She has to learn how to live in this strange, new world and fight for her life against monsters that she thought only existed in fairy tales.

This was a very interesting concept. Slauf did a great job at retelling and weaving fairy tales together. The only complaint that I would have is that the pacing would vary. Sometimes things moved too fast and other times too slow. Additionally, conversations could be very stop and start or have identical compositions for several sentences in a row.


Overall, this was a really creative read. If you love action, adventure, romance, and fairy tale retellings then this book could be for you. Happy reading.


Hidden Realm


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