Review: Dear Pink by Michelle Angelle


Do bears play polo? Can cats wear berets? Do happily ever afters exist? Often there are more questions than answers, and sometimes you find love on a bicycle.

Ever since Hannah caught her ex-boyfriend with another woman, she’s been stuck in a romance rut. When a hot guy in fancy bike gear corners her in the elevator, she lets him slip through her fingers, although his hard muscles and adorable grin never leave her thoughts.

Gabe is sick of plastic women who only see him as a piece of meat. Surprised by a funny woman in an elevator, he forgets to introduce himself and accidentally insults her instead. Convinced he’ll never see her again, he resigns himself to a life as a crazy cat man.

Will an unexpected bucket list change Hannah and Gabe’s life forever? Dear Pink is a romantic comedy where two lost souls collide with fate and find love in the most unlikely place.

Favorite Lines:

I was too engrossed in the story to keep track!

My Opinion:

I received a copy of this book from the author(s) in exchange for my honest opinion.

Dear Pink is categorized as a romantic comedy and at first I was questioning it but by the end I totally agreed that it was a romantic comedy. I found myself smiling and laughing at the witty humor throughout the book. Dear Pink follows Hannah and Gabe as they continue to run into each other and fall in love while navigating the baggage that is left over from their pasts.

This is a really cute love story that deals with loss and grief in a modern-day romance. Hannah and Gabe were the perfect couple to work through their issues and fight to be together. When I say perfect, I mean imperfect in the best way possible.


If you like modern romances that are adorable with touches of humor this book would be for you. Happy reading!


Dear Pink


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