Review: The Weary God of Ancient Travelers by Jessica Stilling


Who is Lydia Warren? That’s what she’d like to know. An amnesiac, she vaguely remembers arriving in Santorini with this one-armed man she instinctive trusts but cannot recall his name. She guides us through the fog that is her mind, and her odyssey towards understanding that is even further complicated by memories of a life not her own from before she was born.

Favorite Lines:

I didn’t keep track!

My Opinion:

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

The Weary God of Ancient Travelers follows Lydia, a woman with amnesia, as she tries to remember her past and discover why she has lost her memory. Along with her for the journey is a man whose name she never can remember so she calls him David Copperfield. As the story progresses, readers are along for the ride with Lydia to uncover the mystery of who she is.

There were some small grammatical and spelling errors such as switching between past and present tense. Additionally, the book started off a bit slow but had just enough mystery to keep me going. Despite the spelling/grammar errors, the book was really interesting.


Overall, this book was not what I expected it to be but I still found it to be a good read. It is a mysterious kind of #metoo movement book. If you like contemporary fiction, female-lead books that are full of mystery, then this book would be for you. This book comes out June 15, 2021 and you can find the link below. Happy reading!


The Weary God of Ancient Travelers


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