Review: Your Fierce Love by Layla Hagen

Your Fierce Love by Layla HagenSynopsis:

Clara Abernathy adores the Bennett family. After growing up in group homes, she yearns for the warmth and love of a family, and the Bennetts treat her like one of their own. So when Clara needs a temporary place to live, Blake Bennett suggests she move next door to him.

The offer is tempting. The problem? So is Blake himself. Handsome, funny, and alpha, he’s six feet two of eye candy… and his outlook on life is completely different from hers. But Clara finds it difficult enough to resist his charms at family events. How is she supposed to resist him when he’s just one wall away, and hell-bent on having her?

Blake Bennett knows family friends are off-limits for good reasons, and Clara is more off-limits than anyone else. But Blake went through life and made his fortune in the gastronomy industry by bending rules rather than following them. Clara’s sweetness and sass fill a hole in him he wasn’t even aware of. Soon he finds himself gravitating around her. He wants to have her and he will, rules be damned.

Favorite Lines:

“I know how to fight for what I want, Clara. And I’ve never wanted anything as much as I want you. So I’ll wait. And I’ll fight.”

“There is no right moment. Just right now.”

My Opinion:

Your Fierce Love is the seventh book in the Bennett Family series. This book, like the rest of the series, was a quick and easy read to pass the time. Every once and awhile I’m in the mood for a mindless read. Kind of like putting on the TV in the background, but with reading. This series has been perfect for that. It still provides the emotion and the NSFW that some people are looking for but it doesn’t have an overly complex plot and doesn’t require much brain power to get through. I must admit that I am excited to finish the series and have everything be wrapped up so I can be done with it and move on. But then I will just have to find a new, mindless but interesting series to read.


Overall, this book was good and I am excited to see how the last two turn out. Happy reading!


Your Fierce Love

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