Review: Parts of Me: Lost and Found by Cisel Ozbay


A journey of self- discovery involves completely losing yourself in order to find yourself again. This collection of poems captures all the ways the author has lost herself, and all the truths she has found in doing so.

Favorite Lines:

I did not keep track as this is a collection of poems, but I especially liked the poems titled Flaws and Feels.

My Opinion:

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

This collection of poems kind of reminded me of Rupi Kaur. Ozbay did an amazing job at capturing human emotion in a way that was very relatable. I was surprised that Ozbay was able to capture thoughts that I have had and put them on paper. It seemed like she was writing about a lot of things that I’ve experienced in my life as if she were there. It made me reflect on my past and where I want my future to go. That is the beauty of art and words, everyone can interpret it differently.


Overall, I really enjoyed this collection of poems. They were raw and beautiful. If you like any sort of poem collection like ones written by Rupi Kaur, you would love this book. Happy reading!


Parts of Me: Lost and Found


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