Review: Blood and Bone by Paula Dombrowiak


Jack and Mia, everyone else was just collateral damage. Love is complicated, messy, and sometimes painful but oh so worth it. A heartbreaking journey through love, friendship, and family. Music brought them together, addiction tore them apart, loyalty saved them.

Jack O’Donnell’s life was teetering on the edge. Forced, as a teenager, to make a decision that would change his life forever, he left his hometown to pursue a music career with collaborator Mia Stone. Living in a van by the beach was not the glamorous Los Angeles lifestyle they had envisioned but sparked the most creative time of their lives. Making it big was all they ever wanted but when it happened, friendships were tested, hearts were broken, and lives were changed forever.

Erin Langford is a seasoned journalist tasked with writing a feature on Jack O’Donnell. Being at the right place at the right moment puts Erin in a unique position to get the story, but at what cost? Having preconceived notions about Jack’s rock star image, she learns there is more to a story than just the headlines. The two embark on a journey through Jack’s past where he recounts the rise and fall of his band Mogo and the irreplaceable bond between himself and collaborator Mia Stone. The feature she thought she was going to write, turns into so much more.

Blood and Bone is an evocative story told in alternating time periods, from the early ‘90s to the present day about deep bonds between flawed people whose only outlet of self-expression is through their music.

Favorite Lines:

“It’s life…pain has a way of cutting into all of us and sometimes it’s so deep that it can’t heal.”

“I’m not running away from something. I’m running towards it.”

“Sometimes you think you want something and then when you get it, it wasn’t what you thought you wanted.”

My Opinion:

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

This story follows Jack ad Erin as they journey into Jack’s past through his rise to fame and all the heartache and lessons that came with it. I’ll start off by saying that this book wasn’t my usual type of book. That being said, it was still incredibly wholesome and a decent read. It took a bit to get into it but once you do, the story is full of deep and complex character emotions that I think really captured the very essence of what it is to be human and how everything is not black and white; there is plenty of grey.

This book was well written with an interesting story. The flash backs and flash forwards did a good job of explaining all of the events without being too confusing. I kind of wish it had ended differently but it was still a happy ending – just a different ending than what I wanted.


Overall, this was an interesting book. Probably not a reread for me simply because it is not my cup of tea but if you like emotional journeys that explore real life issues, this book is for you. Happy reading!


Blood and Bone


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