Review: Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer


When Edward Cullen and Bella Swan met in Twilight, an iconic love story was born. But until now, fans have heard only Bella’s side of the story. At last, readers can experience Edward’s version in the long-awaited companion novel, Midnight Sun.

This unforgettable tale as told through Edward’s eyes takes on a new and decidedly dark twist. Meeting Bella is both the most unnerving and intriguing event he has experienced in all his years as a vampire. As we learn more fascinating details about Edward’s past and the complexity of his inner thoughts, we understand why this is the defining struggle of his life. How can he justify following his heart if it means leading Bella into danger?

Favorite Lines:

“Her existence alone was excuse enough to justify the creation of the entire world.”

“And now everything was chaos and tumult. Yet I wouldn’t trade it. I didn’t want the life that made sense. Not if the chaos meant that I could be with Bella.”

My Opinion:

Midnight Sun is technically book five in The Twilight Saga but it is the first book from Edward’s point of view. If you have followed me along in any of my other reviews, you’ll know by now that I am a sucker for POV changes, especially when it comes from the male main character in a ship.

I was waiting for this book to come out forever. I had read the draft that Meyer had posted to her blog before deciding to come back and release an actual novel after the initial leak. Usually, I finish a book in one sitting because I can’t keep my hands off of it but I actually took my time with this one. I think because it was so bittersweet to read. I remember reading Twilight back in my high school days and going to midnight premieres with my friends. I grew up when the series was super popular, and bookstores couldn’t keep the books on the shelves.

I’ve always admired Meyer’s writing style and the certain elegance to it. I reread all of the Twilight books probably every couple of years just to get lost in them again and this book was no exception.

As I said previously, this book is from Edward’s point of view and literally fed my greedy heart everything I could ever want. I take that back, because now I want the rest of the books from his point of view too. But I loved loved loved this book. The insight into Edward’s mind is fascinating. We get to see the world he lived in and how deep his feelings for Bella really ran.

I have literally 0 complaints about this book. It was everything I wanted it to be and then some.


Overall, I really loved this book. I am praying to the powers that be that Meyer changes her mind and decides to do the rest of the books from Edward’s point of view. If you have read the Twilight series, this is a must read. And if you haven’t read the series yet… well then I suggest you get on that.


Midnight Sun


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