Review: Date Like a Woman by Kai Nicole

Date Like a WomanSynopsis:

This is the dating book Millennial women have been waiting for. It offers a fresh non-sexist perspective on dating and gives women the strategies they need for dating success. This book will revolutionize dating for women everywhere.

Favorite Lines:

“…a good chance there are at least three men who are good for you in your life right now that you have overlooked. Often, some of the best for you men are constantly overlooked because either they are just ‘too nice’ or you have ‘friend zoned’ them for whatever reason.”

“Well, to burst your fantasy bubble, there are no perfect men. They don’t exist. (Even Idris Elba isn’t perfect. He’s close though…).”

“When you find yourself attracted to someone, especially because of who they are on the inside, the outside will automatically become more appealing. It is equally true that a person who may appear outwardly attractive can quickly become unattractive if they are nasty personality wise. Remember, there is beauty in everyone. So stop playing physical limits on who you will go out with.”

My Opinion:

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

I will be very honest with you, I had a hard time finishing this book. Not because it was not good. I repeat, not because it was not good. This book was well written and had a lot of helpful tips and tricks for dating while still being able to boost the readers morale. I just happen to be an individual in a committed relationship, so the whole book does not currently apply to me.

I would recommend this book for any woman who is looking to date purely to gain experience in dating and see what is out there in the world. Multiple times throughout the book, the author makes it clear that this book isn’t for someone looking for a husband, it’s for someone who is looking to have fun and have new experiences.

I really enjoyed that the author made it clear what to expect or not expect on dates. I feel like a lot of women in today’s society expect too much from men and can sometimes be rather rude with their expectations rather than just having fun and getting to know someone.

I think the biggest thing I didn’t like about this book was that I felt like was at a motivational speaking conference. Which maybe that is how books like this are, I don’t know. I do know that this is my first time reading a “dating guide” so to speak. I personally, was just not a huge fan of being talked at but that might be what some people need to be motivated to take control of their dating lives and get out there.


Overall, while this book might not have been for me, it could be helpful to anyone who is looking for more advice on how to have a successful dating life.


Date Like a Woman

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