Review: Power by Geraldine Anello


From Best-selling author and Broadway conductor, Power is Geraldine Anello’s latest poetry book from her series Truth. The most inspiring poetry told over the course of just one week, this fast-paced collection of deep thought-provoking poems leads the reader on a journey to personal development.

Favorite Lines:

Because this is a collection of poems, I didn’t keep track of specific quotes but instead flagged several poems that resonated deeply with me. These poems were “Half”, “Body”, and “Nothing”.

My Opinion:

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

Power is a collection of poems that seem to capture and embody being in love, fighting with the one you love, and all the aftermath and hurt that comes with it. Poems like “Breathing” made me wish that I had a romantic interest in my life and left me feeling a bit melancholy. I also saw a bit of my past relationships reflected in a lot of the poems as well. Throughout the collection, Anello did a really good job at capturing the heartbreak, personal development, and growth that come with finding love and how it feels to sometimes get crushed by it.


Overall, if you like melancholy poems about love and love lost that show personal development and growth then this book is for you. Happy reading!